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Thread: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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    Has anyone seen this movie? I want to go see it soon.

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    Let us know when you see it. this is not the kind of movie my wife is likely to want to see, which means I'll have to wait for it to get on cable. But fortunately, these days big movies reach cable in six months or sometimes less, making it less likely I'll pay $15 per seat to see any movie in a theater these days.

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    We went to see it at the Palms last week, and I give it 8 out of 10 stars. I never heard of the story but my wife is a big fan of the book, so we got a sitter for our dog and went. The deal was we'd also have to go see Mission Impossible in IMAX there and we did.

    I saw the star Rooney Mara on Leno beforehand, and there's no way I'd have ever come close to guessing that thing in the movie was her. I'm betting she will come in second in the Oscars voting only because of sentimental favorite Meryl Streep. The movie was intriguing, thought-provoking, and dark, and Mara was extraordinary. It ran more than the traditional under two hours but you couldn't notice.

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    the girl with dragon tatto... is totally on jernalizam which i have seen
    direct by david fincher as well very good crew and cast.. daniel crag & rooney mara as well many more famouse personality...

    & that's great movie...

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    Hi Michael and welcome to the Forums. I admit I'm not hip but what's with the word "jernalizam"?

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    The movie is not so good as it appears from the Starcast. I personally didn't liked it. But the acting of Daniel Craig was good. The storyline is not good as expected and music is also not good. I'll rate it 6/10 for Daniel's acting.

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    This was a great movie (IMO). Its different but worth the view. I liked her REVENGE scene!!


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    WOW that is a great movie, and I love that move because that girl's performance is very impressive.. guys you also should watch this movie.

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