For the first time in about five years, I went on a casting call today. I've been to casting calls before for small parts in big movies and one big part in a small movie. My screen credits include playing a news reporter, and walking through the TV newsroom in Groundhog Day. To sum up my cinematic career: it isn't much.

But the reason I'm writing this is that the "casting company" I went to today was really hopping. There were no less than 8 productions that were casting at the same time in various offices, and an employee there told me the production business has really picked up recently.

This is a good sign for the Hollywood economy and for the SoCal economy. It's especially good that they were casting in Hollywood which indicates the productions will all be local -- and perhaps this means that the runaway production problems are easing.

Did I get the part? I won't know for a few days. But even if I did chances are you won't see me. I won't be playing opposite Angelina Jolie -- I can guarantee you that.