I understand itís almost summer or temperatures are hitting 100 degrees.

I understand you got lucky or blessed and you have a chestful.

How about covering up so we donít need to be distracted when checking machines with your ample cleavage hanging out in all itís glory for people to see. Image me walking up to a machine and a lady is sitting down playing with almost nothing left to the imagination.

I understand if you have them, then flaunt them but we have limits.

Itís bad enough with 40%+ of the bonus machines are turned off and there are more hustlers than machines. This unnamed casino reminds me of Peppermill with so many hustlers checking the machines. And if this keeps up, then I have to avoid the casino.

I really donít need the distractions. I am here to make money not to see a 60-year-old granny who is experiencing histrionic personality disorder. Yuck!