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No one driving me out of my mind. I handle you and your man servant both with my phone in one hand.
I was definitely no world class businessman. I didn't manufacture Newells....lol....I manufactured a product and installed it. Small businesses in a niche area of a larger industry. I struggled to make it. I almost went broke in 08' 09'. I vowed then to get out on the next upswing. I got out about 6 years ago and moved to Vegas.
I spent my first 3 years here as an Operations Manager providing a company an opportunity to grow from $5-6 million a year to over $14m based on my experience.
I left that because it was getting in the way of my APing. Plus I'm happy with where I'm at in life now.
The only ones I see going out of their minds is you and your man servant. Because I destroyed your lies leaving you no outs for salvation. Then your old cranky bigot man servant that's so out of his mind about me that I am the main feature of his signature line.
The only thing you are proving is what a compulsive liar you are. You never did military. You never did business. The only thing you've ever installed is your dick in KJ's ass.

The only thing you were ever qualified to do is pick tomatoes. You are as simple as they get. No wonder I was able to drive you out of your mind in such short order. You're still whining like a little bitch over it.
Pathetic response.

I find it humorous that you try and project your life experiences onto me. Such as nickel keno playing, migrant hobo tomato picking, lying, and being driven out of your mind. So much so that you spent the majority of your life inside a bottle. Congrats for quitting that though. You have a lot in common with today's Democrats and their projections of their failures onto Trump. But carry on you're doing all the heavy lifting for me. Like a good hard working hobo. In your case tramp but I'll elevate you to hobo for this task.
What a pathetic piece of shit you are. A poser pro trying to act like he knows something. Good luck with that on other forums but on this site you are totally exposed for the bumbling idiot you are. And please, please, please. Quit being so jealous of me. Now get back to sucking KJ's dick.