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Thread: Mdawg, what is the longest Player/Banker Streak you have ever seen in Baccarat? :)

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    Anything counts as a streak. Each is as unlikely as the other.

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    Originally Posted by LMR View Post
    Anything counts as a streak. Each is as unlikely as the other.
    Not in Baccarat.

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    Originally Posted by MDawg View Post
    Will leave the longest bank or player runs I have experienced for another time - they need to be mentioned along with the story of the sums I pulled from the tables on those occasions!

    But how about - the "shortest" runs I have experienced in a playing session? What I mean is, I'd be hard pressed to recall a day I've played where at least one seven bank or player run hasn't come up, and most days, at least a ten or eleven bank or player run. And this is with playing a moderate number of shoes, not playing all afternoon or day by any means.

    What's sad though is how many players at my table tend to LOSE on these runs, sitting there doggedly doubling against them until they go broke. They just don't get it. And then you have the players who sit there after a few banks have passed, and I'm pressing, who are scared now to jump in, thinking it's gotta stop.
    I mentioned the "shortest" streaks I see typically, on a typical day, just to show that even on a bad day there are decent streaks.

    In any case, long or short, a streak is meaningless if you're not betting it. What matters is what you get out of the streak and whether you walk with the money and don't just give it back after the run ends.

    The best streak I have ever experienced came at the tail end of a days long run where I ended up clearing over $400K, and took all of that home. On the last day of that multi-day winning run I experienced the monster daddy of all streaks, that took me right over the top of $400K total for the trip. I stayed in Vegas a few more days but didn't play another nickel, as I far surpassed my goal with that last streak.
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    I tell you itís wonderful to be here, man. I donít give a damn who wins or loses. Itís just wonderful to be here with you people.

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