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Thread: Sad News

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    BoSox, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Brotherhood in the Commonwealth.

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    Sorry to read about the horrible news Bosox - my condolences to you and your family.

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    This sort and degree of thing was one of the few on which on Singer, MrV, and I agreed on. Don't bring your dead to a sewer like a gambling forum. I mean, you have to break away from these inner worlds, to truly grieve, in the first place.

    It's great, but nary, ever, that someone can and does, let alone for them to come back here to tell us all about it.

    So, what's sticking in Bob21's craw?

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    I'm very sorry about your loss, BoSox.

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    My condolences, bosox.
    Dan Druff is getting a PM per day from me until he offloads Onehitwonder aka LMR

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    45 years long time.

    Very sorry to hear that.
    I tell you itís wonderful to be here, man. I donít give a damn who wins or loses. Itís just wonderful to be here with you people.

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    My prayers for strength and comfort. God bless.

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    Thank you guys for the kind words.

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    Very sorry for your loss Bosox. Condolences.

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