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Thread: Why is Darkoz constantly getting dragged and ragged on for The Robbery that happened to him?

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    Who cares?
    Lustin' lutins (from) NUTS:LI (Lichtenstein), unlist insult, until's sunlit!


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    Originally Posted by mickeycrimm View Post
    It looks like LMR is in wrecking another legitimate thread. It has to stop. I'll be letting Dan know that LMR is previously banned Onehitwonder and ask him to prevent LMR from ruining serious threads.
    Ah, why was OneHitWonder banned without warning? For posting up a pistol with its barrel bent back toward the user?

    Whose was the obviously troll account, SlobDinger?

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    Originally Posted by Darkoz View Post
    Originally Posted by Tasha View Post
    Darkoz, I feel it's a good thing you and your Family found out what a SHITTY Person Robert was BEFORE he married your daughter and became your Son In Law. Had they gotten married and THEN he robbed you, an Annulment/Divorce could have been very time consuming and expensive....

    Although it's my family's opinion that the marriage would never have happened as we discovered he was violating his parole.

    Unlikely he would have shown up at City Hall with ID making any formal notice of his whereabouts
    I was thinking more along the lines of,"Robert could have used fake ID to get married,"

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    Hey, Darkoz what is going on with Daphne(Gully) I said Daphne as a reference to Oz Mehmet's Daughter, Daphne Oz. How is she holding up? Did she find a GOOD guy yet who isn't a Robber?

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    Originally Posted by LMR View Post
    Who cares?

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