My name is Gigi Jacobs. I've owned several businesses for 25 years and I have a lot of information about advertising that I got from personal experience. I actually have met Alan several times when I first started my business in Santa Monica, CA. He was a great consumer reporter for KCAL channel 9, and an honest guy.

So, through my years I tried many forms of advertising. I did radio, flyers, print work, ....AND TV. Out of all of them, I lost money except for the ads I put on TV. Now this was over 10 years ago. I thought I had it down to science and a good price. Then I called Alan after many years: "Hey Alan, how are things going? You did the segment on my business a few years ago." Well, Alan remembered everything and told me of his Alan's Best Buys Show. I could not believe the incredible prices he was offering and the support work he provided for clients, and most of all, he would always direct someone in the right direction. It was what worked for the customer that was his very first goal.

I'm telling you this as a fellow business advertiser. See, I don't want you wasting money on things like print and Radio advertising. I wasted a lot myself and there's no need to repeat it, right? So, I read Alan's newsletter from start to finish every issue I get, because from everything I've learned over 25 years, Alan is spot on. The best way for you to put together a great advertising program is to follow Alan's advice. He's a smart guy and he knows his business like no other. And if something weren't right for you, he'd actually tell you. Now, that's honest!

You're in good hands with Alan. I'm so glad there's an Alan Mendelson because he's up on the latest on media advertising like no other. He knows more about producing and running ads and for the least expensive manner you'll ever find. I've already told my friends who own businesses. You might remember me: My company used to laminate the Thomas Guide and Alan did a few stories on my businesses and I have advertised on his "Alan's Best Buys" and you can see me under the memory foam mattress section, or if you'd like to see Alan many, many years ago, just go to You Tube and google my name (Gigi Jacobs) and you'll see our earlier segments on the news (Iím the first one that shows up in the search).

I'm telling you all of this because many will lie to get your business or they'll just sign you up regardless of what's best for you. But Alan turned out to be this great guy that will only put together a great program for you. And he'll do it in the most efficient way possible. If you want to ask me anything, you can always call or email me.

Alan is one of my favorite reporters and now one of the most trusted guys in the business of helping your businesses grow. And I stand behind that statement in every way possible.

Good luck in your advertising. And remember, you won't find a less expensive and more appropriate way to advertise on TV than with Alan. I do this out of appreciation because Alan is a straight forward, honest guy with so much knowledge that sometimes I'm just blown away. For what he says in minutes, it took me 25 years to learn. And I'm still learning-from reading Alanís newsletter.

Good luck,

Gigi Jacobs
Maps R Us Laminated Thomas Guide (1980-2001)
LAMemoryFoam.com (2006 to the present)