It was the end of Feb 2020 when I made this post about hand & face hygiene:

So it has been 4+ months of practicing hand & face hygiene for me. In the beginning, I had very high standards and took extra care in my safety practices. I am a firm believer of you reap what you sow.

I am starting to feel the fatigue of maintaining this high standard. In the past two weeks, Iíve notice where I have been sloppy: carelessly rubbing my eyes or touching my nose with compromised hands. When I wash my hands, I donít feel as if I am washing for the full 20+ seconds.

I used to religiously use hand sanitizer before eating anywhere outside my home. The last few times, I forget to sanitize my hands despite having a bottle of sanitizer with me at all times (and in glove compartment and inside my trunk). It wasnít until I finished eating that I noticed I didnít use the hand sanitizer.

Disappointed that my new ďhabitsĒ are breaking down. Even inside the casino, my regular hand washing regiment of every half hour or hour is slipping.

So if I had to venture a guess for the high infection rates, I would say fatigue of good hygiene would be a contributing factor. Itís tiring and hard to keep a high standard.