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Thread: Should VCT have a Politics Section?

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    Apparently, it has been reported that Kanye West may have pulled Electoral Fraud for putting in his Presidential Candidate Bid just four months before November when The President Elect is Chosen. IMHO, I don't think ANYONE sees Kanye as a SERIOUS Presedential Candidate. He's a RAPPER for Godsakes! He's just a multi Millionaire, not a BILLIONAIRE. At least Trump was a MULTI BILLIONAIRE Businessman who was known all around The World when he ran for President in 2016 and won. No one is going to seriously expect a RAPPER to become our Next President. No one. Edit. Just found out from Google that Kanye is more than a multimillionaire, he's worth over a Billion dollars. Still doesn't change the fact that he is a RAPPER.

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