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Thread: 7/15- Victorville-Vegas train may be rolling by 2023

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    Vital Vegas: Not a chance in hell.

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    House of Orange- Thats a bad ass name.

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    Originally Posted by Desertrunner View Post
    House of Orange- Thats a bad ass name.
    Proof positive that the Tree of Knowledge wasn't an orange tree.
    Lustin' lutins (from) NUTS:LI (Lichtenstein), unlist insult, until's sunlit!


    ---> MR. L(osing).

    Originally Posted by mickeycrimm View Post
    It looks like LMR is in wrecking another legitimate thread. It has to stop. I'll be letting Dan know that LMR is previously banned Onehitwonder and ask him to prevent LMR from ruining serious threads.
    Ah, why was OneHitWonder banned without warning? For posting up a pistol with its barrel bent back toward the user?

    Whose was the obviously troll account, SlobDinger?

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