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Thread: song reco

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    Sorry, V, but no high-end stereo equipment, either. No one can hear the difference, let alone stoned. Anyway. 1970 was a long time ago, another world.
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    Originally Posted by OppsIdidItAgain View Post
    Sorry, V, but no high-end stereo equipment, either. No one can hear the difference, let alone stoned.
    Shirley, you jest.

    To claim "no one can hear the difference" between a tune played on a cheapo lo-fi set up and a well-sorted out high end system is beyond absurd, "stoned" or not.

    I know the difference is quite real.

    Have you ever heard a fune you like played through a good hi end stereo system?

    If not, STFU; if so, and you really heard no difference, I can only pity you and your lousy ears.
    What, Me Worry?

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    Properly done double-blind tests indicate that “high-end” gear is mostly about high cost and “bling factor”.

    Isaac Wingfield
    Retired After a Long Career of Electronics R&D4y

    Then if I gave them the kph30i and explained it was $30. 97% of people would shit on them after hearing the same driver in a different chassis.

    My ultimate hypothesis is that build quality and price are the two most important factors in determining if people will enjoy a set of headphones. This how I rationalize the HD8XX getting shit on when only 3 people have heard it and publicly provided their opinion lol. "It's a cheaper 800s, of course it's going to sound worse!"

    Just knowing there is an expectation bias does not exempt you from being affected by it. We can train ourselves to hear certain things better, but knowing the cause of a perceived difference is still tricky even for professionals (and I don't mean golden-ear "reviewers", most of whom wouldn't know the meaning of the word professional).

    The placebo effect and other cognitive biases affect us on a constant basis. The taste of food is influenced by how the food looks (hence the importance of presentation in expensive restaurants). Wine tasting is another classic example of super obvious differences in quality between the cheap and the expensive, until you do a double-blind test and suddenly nobody knows what they are drinking.

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    On the subject of electronics used to play back music: I get a helluva lot better sound out of my Ayre V3, Audio Research LS2, Cambridge Audio transport, Denafrips DAC and Aerial speakers than I would out of a boom box.

    Trust your ears: i do.

    I've been into audio since my teens and as my ability to afford it grew so has the quality of my audio gear: careful matching of components yields quantifiable results.
    What, Me Worry?

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    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Thanks Monet - the stuffy Ms. Lofgren was priceless.

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    3 minutes and 40 seconds is 2 minutes too long, but still funny...

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    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    3 minutes and 40 seconds is 2 minutes too long, but still funny...

    Exceptional (I'm glad I watched it before it gets removed by Youtube). Thanks for posting Monet.
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    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Very solid - thanks for posting.

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