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Thread: What is Ex-APism?

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    Ex-APism is taking people's words out of context, changing the words, or leaving out words, to create false narratives. Then attacking with strawman arguments and simultaneously pejoratively attacking the person. People that suffer from Ex-APism have a child-like mentality, are anti-social loners with both inferiority complexes and issues with narcissism. They are known for having IQ's lower than their age. And that, of course, makes them stupid.

    This mental disease is named after a loner troll in the internet gambling forums that goes by the name Ex-AP because he exhibits all the traits. He has no friends. He is a poor, pitiful, lonely soul constantly seeking attention. He continually lashes out at others to assuage his mental pain. He refuses medical treatment for his condition so there is not a lot that can be done for him. It's best to avoid him
    All you "wokes" beware. The first to the revolution are the second to the guillotine.

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    Numerus autem idiot or Pluribus unum weirdo.

    How about just plain DipShit.....

    Quid dicis Ipse Dipshit?

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    He's pretty hung up on a game not worth much

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