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Thread: One very important thing to look for when placing tv ads....

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    Hi Again,

    This is Gigi Jacobs, owner of Maps-R-Us and now in Los Angeles. I've had a few businesses over the last 25 years. All successful but have been recovering from an injury for the last several years. So, I'm not up on internet advertising and the newer ad realms. For that reason, I read Alan's news letter faithfully-each and everyone of them. Why? Because of this: In 25 years, I put together some of my own advertising on TV and also dealt with ad agencies. And Alan's advice is spot on.

    I'm just finishing the recent news letter and Alan is talking about an ad agency placing ads for a remodeling company during a children s show. Well, I would surmise that the children watching the show are not going to be interested in remodeling mommy and daddy's home-and probably not the money in their piggy bank, either. So, as usual Alan was spot on. I used to advertise for my laminated map books during programs that business people like Realtors, salesmen, and business people with many appointments to drive to would watch. Shows like the news were great. Once I ran it during the Jerry Springer show just for fun to see if a less business oriented audience might not have an entirely different outcome. Not one call! Now it might be perfect for another product-just not mine.

    So when you place TV ads you must be aware of the audience watching the show when your ad runs. I used to catch on pretty quick but have never seen someone as spot on as Alan. And for those who know me, I never say anything I don't mean very honestly. As I'm preparing for my next business, I will be letting Alan handle the advertising aspect (older now and too tired to experiment like when I was a youngster). And I'm very picky. Much of the advice from salesman at the ad agencies was completely off-wrong, just would have wasted my precious money. I want someone who knows of what they speak and with the integrity to sell me the right thing-which I know personally Alan does with all his clients.

    Since I've been recovering for a few years from an injury, I'll be looking forward to his wealth of information on the internet also. I very rarely put things in someone else's hands-but I won't hesitate for a second regarding Alan and his advice. I thought it important to let all know as there are so few that are so proficient and trustworthy at what they do.

    I've been feeling much better and hope to be ready shortly to put together my ad program with Alan. In the meantime-I have every newsletter saved and will be re-reading all. If you want to see a very young Alan Mendelson, click this link-you'll see I've been familiar with his work for a long time:

    Good luck to all. By the way, Alan can get you better pricing on ad time than even I could with an "in house agency" discount. You're in good hands!


    Gigi Jacobs
    Real Estate Preview
    Los Angeles, CA

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    Thank you for the endorsement, Gigi. I look forward to your new business. In that old video from KCAL, do you think I looked more like George Clooney, Richard Gere or Jon Hamm?
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