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I am surprised at how many people are confused as to what science is and how it works. It should be no surprise, if you know how science works, that President Trump is at war with it.

First of all, as a side note, the idea that Dr. Fauci's history or personal opinion has much of anything to do with HCQ being shut down as a treatment is just completely off the mark, which should be obvious. Nobody's opinion has much to do with a drug failing a double blind trial. Science is not fascist regime.

Science starts from the base point that whatever it has to say is, to some degree, wrong. Science is a self-correcting method. It starts to some degree wrong, knows it is to some degree wrong, and then seeks to correct it with further information. Double blind studies are designed to take bias, even unconscious bias, out of the equation. They are designed to be apolitical.

When was the last time you heard the president say he was very wrong or wrong at all? And this is true of almost all politicians on most subjects. In our culture, it has become a weakness to admit having been consistently wrong about something for a long period of time. The president is going to inherently be at odds with a system that self corrects because, let's face it, he never self corrects.

And boy, I almost never use the word "never," but with the Trumnpster as Prez, I do not know when he has self corrected.

A system designed to define reality is at odds with a system designed to generate a particular result. That, by the way, is why I have a hard time with lawyers as politicians, also. Lawyers are hired to generate results, not arrive at the most accurate rendition of a historical event.

This is why I find it surprising that some knowledgeable gamblers here have jumped whole hog on the Trumpster bandwagon. Probability is a representation of reality, both historical and to come. The Trumpster has, with regards to Covid-19, tried to shut down in-house forecasts from his team, as I noted in my blog entry on the subject. I would have thought most knowledgeable gamblers would be rooting for accurate forecasts, which is what I have given you over the last six months, as opposed to the completely inaccurate forecasts of the president and his son.

Science is self correcting. The president is not.
Name the two double blind trials that disproved HCQ.
Dietz is to chickenshit to name the two double blind trials. They've probably been debunked.
It's been a week and redietz still won't name the two double blind trials.