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Thread: Most Heart-Breaking Bonus Slot Nerf: A Fu Game

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    I still play this game so I will keep most of the details hidden.

    Game has a tell. It was a coin-in milestone game that awarded a progressive out of four possibles prizes. The progressive cracks after so many coin in when in a special mode.

    The best version was $10 (at reset) prize at a max of $75 coin in. $10/$75 was 13.3%. It was not uncommon to crack or take down the progressive with only $20 coin in so that was 50%. After the nerf, it now takes a max of $250 coin in vs prior $75. I was the one-eye king taking them down and it usually cracks at $40 to $50 coin in so it was good ROIC.

    So what are examples of coin-in based milestone games:
    Fu Fu Fu (hate this game; can’t make money except in Reno market)
    Wheel of Prosperity (btw, my buddy got a $10K+ prize on $0.88 bet)
    Feature Streak

    And there are a lot more of these types of machines and each of them has a “tell” so hustlers knew when to play, e.g. Feature Streak has flames.

    People asked me for a good definition for ROIC: I would use [Coin Out / Coin In] minus 1. So $43 coin out based on $28 coin in would be 53.47% [(43/28) - 1]. I would get 2 to 3 plays an hour on the Fu game so it added up and bonus round could award $100+ on $0.88 bet; no bonus round, I get easy money and with bonus rounds, it was huge! Sometimes the progressive was $18 but most were in $12 range.

    Wheel of Prosperity is a good game if you have the patience, bankroll and can stomach the variance. The tell is not obvious but it is there.

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    - You could make $600 to $900 from this game alone on a good night when you got meaty bonus rounds. I had no competition for months.

    - The most I made from a bonus round was $3K on a $0.88 wager. At the time of the $3K hit, I didn’t realized it got nerfed but after two weeks of play, I knew it was over and nerf was happening at other casinos.

    Rarely do you get a bonus game where losses were capped; with Scarab, you knew the most amount of money needed to get to spin number 10.

    The only problem with this game, because it was a Fu game, was you could lose at a rate of 80%, e.g. during bad runs you could bleed $80 per $100 wagered. Not winning spin after spin after spin was probably the reason why other hustlers never picked it up.

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    You're saying the progressive prize feature on those games is coin in based rather than frequency based? And by looking somewhere at the screen you get a visual indicator of coin-in since last event - which allows you to know when a coin in "milestone" is near?

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    I’ll spill the beans since the game is practically dead.

    In the pick a bonus round, you get 15 choices: 3 each for the 4 listed prizes plus another 3 for an Extra pick. (Most Fu games have you 12 picks and the prizes **are not** random as you almost always get the Mini).

    In this game, the most I got was 3 consecutive Extra picks for a total of 4 picks in this game.

    You generally get one extra pick and most of the time you get the Minor and Mini or 2 Mini’s.

    Someone in my network figured out the picks aren’t as random on the first try: So you end up getting an extra pick or the Minor prize. Based on when and where the 2nd Mini symbol showed up, you had a high chance of avoiding the third Mini symbol. Since the game wasn’t going to award the Grand or Major, it defaulted to Minor or Extra pick for the first set of match 3. It was bad coding on the part of the game manufacturer.

    At Graton near Santa Rosa, this game was very loose and I averaged $40 in the bonus round per $0.88 bet. I was getting 2 to 3 bonus picks an hour. The other hustlers were more interested in Scarab or Wild Pirate or Joe Blow and weren’t aware this game was a bonus game.

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    Ex-Crement, how do you like your reviews on gambling twitter? No one likes your punk ass. I wonder why. Lulz!!!
    All you "wokes" beware. The first to the revolution are the second to the guillotine.

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