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Thread: Virginia Lottery Approves Sportsbetting regulations

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    Today the Virginia lottery approved sportsbetting regulations.

    Key notes:
    Applications accepted October 15th-31st. The Board gets a max of 90 days to review an operator application.

    Expected to go live by mid-late January.

    No betting on Virginia college teams.

    No betting on Olympics. Board claims that is due to ban on youth sports, but Delegate who sponsored the legislation disagrees. Says that was not the intent of that provision. Plenty of time to resolve that issue though.

    Sportsbook cannot cancel a bet without Director approval because of a "mistake"

    Leagues can get bettor data upon request, but must be licensed.

    Operators are required to provide for a wager “the amount wagered on the bet” and “the odds at which the wager is offered.”

    4-12 online operators

    There will be online sportsbetting in Virginia late January 2021. Can't bet on Virginia college teams and the Olympics

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    Virginia lottery is accepting applications from sportsbooks until Halloween. No word from them on who has applied

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