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Thread: California Casino Card Non Indian Players Acting as the Bankers

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    I was told that the non-indian casinos in California give the players the option to be the banker since the house cannot Bank and the players have an option if they want to against the other players. Can somebody explain this to me in detail? As it relates to baccarat. Thank you

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    I doubt anyone cares to explain the time of day to you.

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    Thanks for your answer I love you too you're the best!!!

    I'll just call Bicycle or Hustler some of the biggest casinos out there in the urban areas and speak to one of the hosts I'm sure they'll explain it to me. Not that I want to wager against the other players but I'll be glad to take their money same as a Casino does.

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    You pay a fee to the house, Most won’t let you get in anyway, they will 86 you if you try to bank at some .

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