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Thread: Smart Money

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    Here you go, monet.

    That was quite a magic trick -- making serious money betting Overs for a week with some bulk betting.

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    Bout Fucking Time!
    If I lose this Parlay being up 5-0 now I need to move away from Vegas.

    Blues Puck Line +230
    Lightning Puck Line +210
    100 x 2 to win 923 x 2

    I'm also live on a 4 teamer

    Blues Puck Line +230
    Lightning Puck Line +210
    Pirates/Reds OVER 8 -115
    Dodgers Run Line -120
    40 to win 1362.55

    In honor of Mothers Day I obviously bet like a little girl.

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    Today was the day.
    Talk about root for the home ice team and cover the puck line.
    I thought about Boston but I didn't have enough vision to bet them and the Kings.
    Cubs changed pictures on me turning the 4 Teamer into a 3 Teamer.
    Bet 3 Tickets and Cashed 3 just under 2600 profit.
    Could of been worse.
    Nice to get out of the 2 week slump.
    Just keep betting OVER or against the Reds and keep betting the Dodgers Run Line.
    All Systems Go.

    Do Not Bet Parlays!
    Notice how the 4 Teamer paid 34 to 1 on your dough even though I didn't bet much and didn't correct it once the pitchers were changed.
    Anyways, the point is that I think I am showing that you can beat parlays.
    Short or Long Run undetermined at this point in time.
    Two Teamer paid 9.2 to 1 on your dough and if I would of been more serious I probably bet Boston as well pushing up the payout.
    I threw these in at the Kiosk on my way out and I was tired as all heck.
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    Have to bet the Panthers tomorrow.
    Rangers in a must win.
    Avalanche should sweep.
    Flames in a must win as well.

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    Not sure why I bother to post anymore.
    You all have seen the blueprint and should be released into the Wild on your own.

    Capitals are pesky bastards
    Penguins at Home is a MotherFucker.
    Flames can't score.
    But even after all that we have the Nordiques who can and do what they should.
    Take them with the Puck Line to Sweep.
    If we lose today... take them at Home the next game and so on and so forth.
    Nashville Cats are Dead.

    Do I really need to say this??
    Dodgers Run Line
    Brewers Run Line.
    Scared of the Reds lol lol lol???
    Bet the OVER on the Reds/Brewers instead.

    Bet it straight or Round Robin it however you like.
    It's Free Money but you got to keep with it on a daily basis as cold streaks can happen and put you in a 12k hole like myself.

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    Washout for me today.
    Lost 700 on Parlays but won 792 on my straight bet as the Nordiques completed the sweep covering the Puck Line.

    Tomorrow we get 'em with the Dodgers and the Brewers and or the OVER on the Brewers/Reds Game if you rather.
    Yes today the Reds won and the Dodgers lost but the OVER came in on the Reds game again.
    Cannot happen every day.
    Reds due for a loss.

    You think that Pirate Game wasn't a fluke??
    Jose Quintana pitched six scoreless innings for his first win since 2019!?

    In the NHL we go with the Home Teams again.
    Whalers Puck Line
    WILD Puck Line
    Oilers Puck Line

    Toronto or Tampa??
    I dunno.
    Tough Series.
    Home Team I suppose but I'll stay off it.
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    3 Teamer

    Mets Run Line
    Dodgers Run Line
    Brewers Run Line or Brewers/Reds OVER

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    Another wash for me.
    The Reds scoring 3 in the eighth changed my payout from over 5 grand to 908 dollars.
    I ended up losing a hundred on the day.
    Mets Covered.
    Dodgers Covered.
    The Reds/Brewers OVER covered.

    Basically the same bet today.

    Dodgers Run Line
    Mets Run Line
    Brewers Run Line or OVER
    Yanks have 1 more win so throw them in the mix on the Run Line as well or wait till they play a weaker team.
    Cardinals Run Line
    A's Money Line


    Not that historical data matters but if you are into that sort of thing...
    Teams that win pivotal game 5 to take a 3-2 series lead win the series 79% of the time.

    Penguins Money Line +115
    Florida Puck Line +110
    Flames Puck Line +125

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    Even as bad as the Dodgers and Brewers played in these 3 games you still should of been able to make money off of them.
    6-4 on the day.
    Not Great but Good Enough.

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    Dodgers at Home getting +145 on the Run Line!?
    Yes, Please and Thank You!

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    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Dodgers at Home getting +145 on the Run Line!?
    Yes, Please and Thank You!
    When I got to the book I bet the Yanks Money Line as well since they were a dog.
    I ended up making a few hundred but the Dodgers really screwed me.
    This can't continue forever.

    2 Teamer

    Dodgers Run Line
    Mets Run Line

    If you want a 3 Teamer add in the Yanks Run Line


    Penguins Money Line but a little trouble since Crosby is out.
    You have to keep pushing the Panthers Puck Line and Calgary Puck Line even though it's a gamble, it is the best bet.
    I'm laying off the NHL today and sticking with the MLB Picks only.

    I got back into RC Warbird Flying this morning.
    Everything was going pretty good till my 3rd run.
    I ended up driving the nose straight into the ground at about 30 mph from about 40 yards up.
    Destroyed the Propeller and cracked the fuselage in half.
    Only broke one flap.
    Battery was bulging pretty good.
    Probably could glue and salvage it but why bother.
    I have 4 other planes in the hanger and they only cost about 350 to 400 dollars each.
    Expensive Hobby.

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    I'm on the Pens.
    Even with third stringer in net and no Crosby.
    They're built for this.

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    Originally Posted by dannyj View Post
    I'm on the Pens.
    Even with third stringer in net and no Crosby.
    They're built for this.
    lol lol lol

    We both Lose.
    Stupid Pens, Panthers, Mets and Flames lol lol lol
    Yanks look good this year.
    I'm on the Yank Train.
    No pun intended.
    I'm really happy for Gallant.
    Funny thing was I bet against the Pens twice and they crushed 7-2 or better.
    As soon as I bet on them twice they go and Fucking Lose 5-2, 5-2... And they had blew a 2-0 lead both games... Assholes!
    Expect the Rangers to win at home completing the 3 game come back to win 4-3.
    This will be the 4th year in a row that the Penguins Fucked up the First Round to the Islanders, Islanders, Canadians and now the Rangers lol.
    Time for Crosby to Retire and time for Sully to go Fuck Himself!
    The Carolina Series has been 6 in a row with the Home Team and Puck Line.
    I'm taking Carolina and the Puck Line tomorrow so expect Boston to win 6-1 lol
    I'm also taking the Oilers and the Puck Line.
    Too Scared to make it a 3 teamer with Toronto but Home Team and Puck Line has come in a lot in the last two weeks.

    Should of went with Dan Druff today as he completed his two teamer.
    I'm not sure I can bet the RHE in Las Vegas though.
    Not really my thing.
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