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Thread: Smart Money

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    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    2 Teamer
    Penguins Puck Line -110
    Wild Puck Line +105
    $400 to win $1165.45
    You mean the Northstars? I pick the 90-91 team

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    Originally Posted by Ozzy View Post
    You mean the Northstars? I pick the 90-91 team
    Nice Reference as I bet the two teams who were in that Stanley Cup Final.
    Of course I know that you know that.
    Anyways... the Ducks roasted me on the Puck Line.
    They dominated the third period.
    2 minutes with an Empty Net and Minnesota just played back on their heels.
    Worked out for them.

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    Here are the games for today.

    The Coyotes Money Line is pretty sweet at only -115 currently.
    Seems like an advantage play.

    You could get greedy with the Capitals Puck Line.
    Everything tells me the Blues Puck Line but the Ducks have a tendency to fuck up all puck line bets against them.
    Take that into consideration.

    Winnipeg Jets are the Dog Pick for the day currently at +105 on the Money Line.

    Not sure what I am going to actually bet but I wouldn't doubt that I bet a two team Money Line Bet with the Coyotes and Jets just because of this "Don't Bet Parlays" bullshit.

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    Might have to scratch this Coyotes Play.
    Looks like they are putting in the wrong goalie.
    The Over on the game is more interesting to me now.

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    Toronto Puck Line
    Philly Puck Line
    Colorado Puck Line

    This will get you about 8.5 to 1 on your dough if you parlay it.
    I'm due.

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    Alright... I made the bet.
    We're in Action.

    Those 3 teams listed above all on the puck line for 200 blue backs.
    I'm too lazy to go downstairs and look at the ticket but if I win its something like 1750 or so.

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    So I was wrong on the 3 teamer and lost 200.
    Funny how Buffalo blew a 3-0 lead with 10 minutes to play.
    At least they got the game to OT only to lose again.
    They may never win again this season.

    Funny how the Pens keep winning.
    I'm starting to believe in them.

    I was thinking about betting Dan Druffs picks.
    I didn't like the Over so much but I thought the Warriors would cover the 1.5 points.
    Mental Bets never pay.

    Anyhoo, I snuck back into the book when you all weren't looking.
    I couldn't post before puck drop.
    Sorry bout that if some of you bet along with me.
    I bet the Knights Puck Line with the Noridiques Puck Line.
    I put the Quebec team in there for you members in the know.
    The Colorado Money Line moved all the way to -450 lol!!
    I got the Puck Line at -170... ouch!
    The Knights Puck Line helped a bit at +105.
    Not a big bet but enough to collect a winner on the day.
    300 to win 676.75 minus the 200 dollar loss for a 476.50 day.
    Sometimes Parlays Win.
    That's two winning days in a row.
    I believe tomorrow will make it three!
    Should be easy with the first three games.


    All Home Teams and all winning teams against a bunch of Losers.
    To Be Continued...
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    Many problems with betting in the book.
    They don't give you anything for your action.
    You have to get up early.
    Betting Lines can move qucikly.
    Players may be a game time decision.
    You have to have a 54% winning record or better.
    etc etc.

    That being said here are the teams I like today.

    Tampa Bay

    Washington and Nashville are small dogs so take the Money Line.
    Tampa Bay and Florida on the Puck Line.
    Boston is the best value for betting on the Puck Line today currently at +145
    You have to lay 160 with Carolina so you either bet the Puck Line and Pray or bet the Over and Pray.
    Montreal is one of those in-between games currently at -120.
    You could lay that but this seems like the most difficult game going against the Oilers.
    More Value in this bet but scary.

    I'm going to target Tampa, Florida and Boston.
    3 Team Parlay.
    Tampa Puck Line
    Florida Puck Line
    Boston Money Line
    Pays you around 5 to1.
    Get Greedy with all three on the puck line and you get around 8 to 1.

    I'm also considering just a two teamer with Florida and Tampa on the Puck Line paying 3 to 1.

    Best Straight Bet is Tampa Bay on the Puck Line currently at -105.
    Best Puck Line Value is Boston at +145. (I think I already typed that but trying to convince myself to bet it)

    ** Today only, send me $599.99 dollars by any method and you get the rest of my NHL Picks for the rest of the Regular Season **
    ** Also Today Only, send me $999.99 and you get every MLB Regular Season Pick from my Immoral Sports Picking Service **
    Don't Have Cash??
    I accept Albertsons Monopoly Game Pieces from 2021 only!

    End Transmission
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    When I got to the book the betting line was better than expected.
    So I decided to play it Straight like Redietz.
    I still like the two teamer and three teamer with Boston.
    I may sneak in later and bet a parlay but probably not.
    I bought a canopy tent at Walmart on the cheap for 40 dollars so I think I'll go out to the desert and set it up and let the dogs run a bit.
    Nice Windy Day to give it a Test.
    Here are the 2 Tickets for us to sweat.
    750 bet on each ticket with the puck line.
    Panthers will pay 847.50
    Tampa will pay 817.50
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    Tampa Bay loses 3 in a row!?
    Something is wrong.
    Anyways... I still end up making $97.50 on the day with the Scared Hedge Play.
    Florida wins 4-1.
    Tomorrow doesn't look as promising.
    Small Ball perhaps.
    Bet on the Lightning again this Thursday.

    Just got back from the desert testing out a Shower Tent and Canopy Tent.
    Not sure how long that material will last but the price was right.
    Not sure those items could survive a serious windstorm.
    The stakes they provide are garbage so I need to upgrade those to something more serious.
    Didn't take too long to put everything up and tear it down a few hours later.
    Dogs had fun.
    Sleeping good now.
    Last edited by monet; 03-30-2021 at 05:42 PM.

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    Too Lazy to really get into any of this today.
    Buffalo has to be devastated after losing the last game being up 3-0.
    Philly is only at -185 on the Money Line meaning you would have to parlay it.
    Unless you go Puck Line of course turning it into a positive at +130 currently.

    The AV's own the Coyotes but at +250 the Coyotes on the Money Line seems like some value.

    Not sure who is in goal for the Knights but they own Home Ice.
    Hard to bet against the Knights and the Kings are slumping.
    Although the Kings can be pesky.
    You would have to bet the Puck Line here too or the Over.

    Minnesota Puck Line seems like the best Straight Wager.

    Flyers parlayed with Minnesota both on the Money Line will only pay 1.5 to 1 on your dough.
    Doesn't seem worth it.
    Putting them both on the Puck Line gets 5 to 1 on your dough.
    Seems more valuable.

    Straight Puck Line Bet Philly and Parlay them with Minny.
    Leaving the Late Minny/Sharks game open if you lose the Philly Puck Line Straight Bet.

    I don't have any interest in the other games.
    Canucks and the Flames are both Slumping so take the Home Team Dog here.
    I would expect Toronto to have a big game soon.
    No reason they can't smash the Jets but you would have to take the Puck Line here too.
    One could get greedy with the Knights, Philly and Minny all parlayed up.

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    Playing it straight again today.
    Flyers -1.5 +135
    297.50 to win just under 400 dollars.
    If I lose I'll bet the late game against the Sharks.
    Circa seems to usually have the best lines.
    Might have to put 5 to 10k on account and use their app.

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    Ouch 4-1 Buffalo going into the 3rd period.
    Time to run back to the book and bet MORE.

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    Talk about Last Second!!
    Draisaitl scores the empty netter with 0.1 seconds left to win 4-2.
    Of Course covering my Puck Line Bet of 500 to win 650!
    lol... still kind of laughing about it.

    Going to go collect and put the 150 juice on a 2 teamer.
    Vegas Puck Line
    Colorado Puck Line
    to win 857.
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    Last edited by monet; 04-07-2021 at 03:43 PM.

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    A bit off on the Vegas/Av's Parlay.
    At least I only lost 150 dollars.

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    Yes! He's back! Less camping, more hockey! Better to get bit by a sports betting bug than a rattler.

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    Originally Posted by Mission146 View Post
    Yes! He's back! Less camping, more hockey! Better to get bit by a sports betting bug than a rattler.
    Yeah... the last 3 days I've had all winners.
    5 winners on the 8th.
    (I would of had to really push on this one so it is probably more like 3 actual winners as I would of most likely stayed off NJ and the Pens)
    2 winners on the 9th.
    and 1 winner yesterday.
    They were all Puck Line Covers as well.
    Basically, 8 in a row.

    Unfortunately, they were all mental bets.
    Not one dollar wagered.
    It's enough to make me not want to play anymore.
    I'm sure you and many others on these forums can relate to that sort of pain.

    I was going to keep this to myself but I just read your post and it made me more depressed so I thought I would share.
    I can't even muster up calling you some sort of a slur at this point.

    Watching Tin Cup does help my mindset to just keep pushing though.
    Last edited by monet; 04-11-2021 at 02:59 AM.

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    It's true you can't win money on a mental bet, but you can't lose it either.

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    It really is the end of the world.
    Penguins vs Sabres playing in a Rainbow Pride Game??
    Fucking Fags.
    I blame kewlJ.

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    Thought I was going to cash a 7500 dollar ticket yesterday.
    Another Empty Net Miracle was too much to ask I suppose.

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