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Thread: Vaccine side effects

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    Be careful of side effects.

    One guy developed elephantiasis of the cock; it grew tremendously and remained erect, so he was hospitalized.

    He saw a spider on the ceiling and asked a nurse to kill it.

    She had to climb up his pole to try to reach it but his engorged member was sweaty and every time she shimmied up a couple feet she lost her grip and slid back down.

    This went on for five minutes, and the guy told her "Do that a couple more times and I can blast him off the ceiling."
    What, Me Worry?

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    Here's an old, vaccine fun-prediction. I know how MrV like numbers, so. Ha.

    Originally Posted by LMR View Post
    Originally Posted by Tasha View Post
    This is a creepy Entry in my Nathan's Corner... I keep getting Premonitions that my Stepmother will die when she is 63.
    Hey, now I thought that I should "ask" about the vaccine. My first phrasing of the question yielded something.

    I asked the online gematria calculator, "Who will get the first working vaccine?" The Satanic numbers for this phrase are 1513 (forward), and 1591 (reversed). The 9 can be written as 3^2. This comes from the 3 in 137 being squared to yield 197, as in magnetic fine-structure constant versus the digits of the gravitational one.

    The "answer", to the above question, is obtained by seeing what matches these two Satanic numbers as inverted. Ie, a phrase that matches 1591 (forward), and, 1513 (reversed). The middle phrase of five possibilities contains the words, "Two thousand twenty-two/four/nineteen." April 19th, 2022. In any event, it's amazing how 419 keeps coming up here. Ha, "Detroit lions score thirty two points," was another possibility, but, it doesn't make much sense.

    Interestingly, when the Satanic values of these two phrases are overlapped, we have an overall combined value of 2(1513 + 1591) = 2(3104) = 2(3105 - 1). Precisely the digits started with.

    Again, the calculator is at . You have to click on "Ciphers" to edit out all but the two Satanic counts. This way, when you click on "Match", the matches come up much faster.

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    Maybe, it will be next year, before anything comes of it.
    Every one, and everyone, supposedly, knows it all. Yet, no thing, nor nothing, is really and actually known to and understood by any one, or anyone.

    In gambling, the biggest suckers are the ones who think that they are beating the house. It always wins, unless it lets you win, to give you an even worse beating.

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    Saw this on the Wizard's forum.

    19% or 95%? US expert challenges Pfizer vaccine’s efficacy, triggers debates in China

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