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Thread: This is about Gold, not stocks.

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    This is about gold and not stocks, but there are some investors who trade the gold stocks and gold funds, gold ETF, and the commodity funds on the stock market so it is appropriate here.

    I've been writing about and covering the gold market for almost thirty years. I called the last two bull runs.

    And now I am expecting a test of the $1300 level after what appears to be an intermediate rally failure with the price of gold failing again to break through $1800.

    A test of $1300 would not mark an end to this bull market -- only a consolidation to a major rally break out point.

    That's how I look at it. Your thoughts?

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    It mean the prices of gold goes down in the market and Is it good to buy gold or invest on gold now for the long term benefits. Gold is good in metals and it has more value in the market than other metals. $1300 is very lowest prices for gold goes in the market.

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