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Thread: Corona and Casinos

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    Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    A comment and question.

    Comment: I would have thought more than $17 a day. But the math on that kind of thing is out of my league.

    Question: Just curious. You are out and about, don't seem all that concerned about Covid. I am sure you wear a mask in a casino as you are required to, but do you have any concerns about being in a casino of all places? If there are a number of people in a certain area, will you avoid playing those machines? Do you time your visits for slower times of the day (like I do)? Or are you just one of those "whatever happens" guys?

    I can't believe the level of misinformation and fear.
    From AxelWolf to kewlJ to the woman I seen playing some nickel machine this morning.
    This bitch was smoking a cigarette with her mask off but wearing rubber/plastic gloves.
    She touches the buttons, takes a drag and touches the buttons again.
    Talk about a Conflict of Interest.

    This idea of touching something and catching the Corona is nothing but Fear.
    It is very difficult for the virus to transfer from surfaces.
    I've been playing machines non stop since Casinos reopened.
    No issues what-so-ever and I have had constant contact with the slot attendants at many properties.
    Personally, I wish all Casinos/Machines would implement Fast Pay.
    Fast Pay is the Nuts.
    Actually that might be one word... Fastpay.
    Did I mention that I approve of Fastpay??

    This being said I wouldn't play poker, dice or in the pit.
    Not because of the cards or the chips but because of the close contact with people coughing and sneezing everywhere.
    I see a lot of people coughing up a storm or sneezing at the tables.
    Poker and the Pit have always been more of a breeding ground for transferring viruses.
    Same goes for eating inside of a Restaurant.
    I've worked in those places in my teens and 20s.
    Plenty of people not washing your silverware, plates and glasses.
    Not to mention how many times I have seen food from the floor to the plate.
    And people actually spitting in your food or hair falling inside of it.

    All that being said the Virus is not in the Air Conditioning.
    Don't order from the Cocktail Girl.
    I never liked ordering from them before and why do it now?
    That makes no sense.
    Bring your own drinks to the machines.
    Save Time and Money.

    I can't believe how many people are still going to Massage Parlors lol.
    Are you Fucking Stupid?
    No Hookers or Massages at this time.
    That seems reasonable.
    Of course if an individual wants to eat out, play poker/pit or get a hooker, I am all for their right to do so.
    I'm certainly not in favor of any rules and regulations against allowing people to do what they want.

    Wash your hands.
    Don't put your fingers in your mouth.
    blah, blah, blah... You Fuckers are Weak.
    Honestly, this world deserves to get wiped out from some virus.
    As per usual... only the strong survive.
    Get your mind right!
    My Father was Face Down in a Rice Paddy for 2 Fucking Tours and you Pussies are scared to go outside!?
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    Serious question, is it worth going to Vegas right now? Looking at maybe trying to take the wife for a long weekend in the next month, but if half the Strip is shut down and you're having to wear masks everywhere, I have to wonder if it's even worth it?

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    These people with the gloves all masked up. If you sit beside them they'll almost always get up and move away freeing up whatever machine they're sitting at.

    Note - I haven't done this intentionally but something I noticed when I went on my casino tour of the South.
    God bless this forum. You people are precious.

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