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Thread: Driverless cars tested in Las Vegas to be part of Uber/Lyft in 2023

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    A company called Motional developed driverless vehicles for the purpose of operating for Uber and Lyft. They tested the vehicles in Las Vegas, and in 2023, these will go into operation.

    This will somewhat alleviate the problem of trashy Uber/Lyft drivers causing a bad experience for riders, especially ones who sexually harass women.

    I still wouldn't feel comfortable being driven by a robot.
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    It was only about 110 to 120 years ago that we moved away from the Horse and Buggy.
    According to the experts Fossil Fuels will run dry soon and we are melting the Polar Ice with all our Carbon.
    I would love for the entire world to go back to Horses.
    They used to hang you in the street for stealing a Horse.
    Now you get 1 year for Grand Theft Auto unless the Vehicle is over 200 Dimes.
    I guess they can give you 5 to 99 years for that.
    Of Course the Cowboys had stealing Horses down to a Science.

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    Autonymous cars: bah.

    I thought we were smarter than that.

    When I was a kid I watched "The Jetsons"and rightly assumed that my future would have me flying around in the air, not stuck to the ground.

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    What, Me Worry?

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    Remember the little driverless vans that were tested in Vegas a couple years ago? Day 1 of testing, was involved in a crash. 2 hours in. Now yes, reports indicate it wasn't the driverless vehicles fault. A delivery truck backed into the driverless vehicle. According to the article the driverless vehicle froze, just as it was supposed to when it sensed an approaching collision. If you can sense the collision, wouldn't a better course of action be to move out of the way?

    Now the above was kind of a lighter, funny story. But the accident in Phoenix where a driverless vehicle literally ran over a lady crossing the street, killing her, is quite a bit less funny.

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    I also had my own little kind of humorous encounter with the driverless van in Las Vegas. I was walking from the donut bar (yummy) at 6th and Carson down 6th street towards El Cortez. So I am at the corner right in from of El Cortez, at Frémont and 6th street (El Cortez directly across the street and Fremont experience to the left). So I am waiting at the red light for the "walk" sign, when the driverless van pulls up along side of me also on 6th street. The Van has a right turn signal on, which means when the light turns I want to walk straight across and at the same time the van is going to want to turn right, right into my path.

    So I am a little nervous because of course....there is no driver. Does the vehicle "sense" that I am there or is it just going to run me over?

    So the light turns green for the vehicle, and I get my walk sign at the same time. Immediately the vehicle starts to slowly move. I, having a walk sign take one cautious step, to see what will happen. I mean I am not going to let this thing run me over, but want to see. The vehicle senses my movement and stops. I cross the street safely and then the vehicle turns. All was good that day, but sadly, not so good for the woman in Phoenix just a few months later.

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