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Thread: Florida to allow Sports Betting

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    It looks like Florida will become the largest state in the country to allow sports betting. Along with some help coming for the parimutuel card rooms all over the state.

    Once again it appears one of the 2 best Governorís in the country, Ron Desantis has found another $500 million for the states residents who already pay ZERO in state income tax. And possibly created another reasons for tourists to come visit our great state.

    There is another longer story in todayís Tampa Bay Times you can search. I didnít link it because itís behind a paywall but you can get some free views.
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    Probably didnít feel like they had a choice but DeSantis/Florida got royally worked over by the Seminoles on this deal if you consider the size of the sports betting industry and VERY limited increase from the previous gaming agreement in payments from Seminoles to the state.

    Not considering other gambling would have been way better off for the state with outside operators, not exclusively through a tribe but the state got bullied by the Seminoles threats with all the other gambling revenue payments in jeopardy.

    Why the fuck are states like AZ, FL, NM letting native governments have almost complete in control of sports betting revenues when most of it happens online, not physically in a casino? Seems quite short sighted in the least.
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    Federal courts said no to this monopoly, mostly rejecting the notion mobile betting outside casino is under tribal jurisdiction. Seminoles are reportedly ignoring the federal ruling so far.

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    It could be worse. Sportsbetting could be run by the state it is in Montana. Check out these juicy lines:
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