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Thread: Favorite Coronavirus/Covid-19 Jokes?

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    This was said in early February 2020 when Shutdowns hadn't happened yet. "How to get through long lines REALLY quickly? Just tell People you just came from China YESTERDAY...." LMAO!

    Take comfort in the fact that no one is actually backing up his wishes to have you permanantly banned.

    A word to the wise. Standing up for someone or some people does NOT equal Friendship.

    Smart is knowing a Tomato is a fruit.

    Wise is knowing a Tomato doesn't belong in a fruit salad.

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    An unnamed forum moderator fathered Nathan's baby.

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    How many militant feminists does it take to administer the Coronavirus vaccine?


    One to administer it and the other to suck me off.

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    Two Rats were having a Beer at the bar.
    One asked the other: Are you going to get the Chink Vaccine?
    Fuck No... they haven’t finished testing on the Humans!

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