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Thread: Trayvon Martin Killing

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    I was up for hours reading all the reporting about this interesting case tonight. It's important to those in Nevada because we have the same "Stand Your Ground" law here as Florida does. And I have a collection of handguns.

    What the facts show so far is the black teen wearing one of those hoodies while walking thru the gated mostly white neighborhood he was legitimately visiting. This local neighborhood watch guy, Zimmerman, apparently either didn't like what he saw and was truly concerned for his neighbors (as was his job to be) or he just didn't agree with some punk walking in his neighborhood and wanted to confront Martin because of it.

    After that, we know Zimm shot and killed Martin. We also know Zimm said the punk attacked him and tried to seriously injure him. There are confirmed bruises to support this. So, Zimm pulled out the gun he had a permit to carry, and put down Martin.

    There are no witnesses to either confirm or contradict this account, yet the blacks in the media and even ones in the Federal Gov't. are calling this a "cold blooded murder" and "a defenseless killing"--kind of like Obama blurted out about how "the Cambridge cop acted stupidly" a few years ago without any of the facts, and then had to eat racist crow while trying to save face serving up beer to all parties, and instead of apologizing to the Cambridge police officer like he should have, he tried to steal the spotlight as usual by calling this a "teachable moment".

    I guess none of them learned about being publicly racist from that episode, because they're all out doing it again. If facts come out verifying Zimm actually killed Martin without being attacked, these hacks still aren't right convicting Zimm prematurely. And if it's found Zimm either did defend himself or there are no other accounts to go by other than his and he broke no laws because of "stand your ground" and self-defense policies in Florida, then how many of these racist idiots in the media will ever issue an apology for trying to stir up hatred and lying about what happened? Even Obama's favorite network NBC got caught yesterday doctoring up a 911 call to make it sound as if Zimm were at fault, just as they've tried to create this fantasy about Martin supposedly being some frail, gentle, innocent-looking young man by using old pictures of the kid in their reporting, when now he is actually a big strapping street punk who wears his pants down to his knees along with hoodies.
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    We now know the charge is second degree murder. And I found it interesting that in the news coverage today, some defense lawyers are saying that it might be difficult to prove second degree murder, but a charge of manslaughter would have been easier to prove. The result might be that the Second Degree Murder charge could be dismissed before the case goes to trial.

    You have to wonder if a political decision was made to make the charge second degree murder instead of manslaughter because the murder charge does carry a higher level of proof and might lead to a dismissal. That would transfer the "blame" from the police and prosecutors to the courts over "technical issues" over what constitutes second degree murder.

    I've covered criminal cases where a prosecutor brought lesser charges to be guaranteed that there would be a conviction rather than risk a non conviction on more serious charges. This is also the idea behind plea bargaining -- let the defendant plead guilt to a lesser charge rather than risk that the defendant gets off on a higher, more serious charge.

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    I think you're right about the charges. But I find it difficult to convict him of anything if he ends up being the only witness. He killed the kid, he shouldn't have because even if he was defending himself he should have just wounded him or even fired a warning shot if that was possible, but with that loose law they have in Florida the only likely answering for it might have to be his own conscience.

    My opinion is anyone walking around in a hoodie does so just to look tough and see if they can get respect from others because of it. In other words, they are punks. Bring attention to yourself and you may get more than you bargained for. I believe this was the case here.

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