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Thread: Cosmopolitan "operations" (not land) sold for $1.6 billion, to become MGM property

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    Although I don't follow these corporate financial rumors and dealings, this is not a surprise. Cosmo just wasn't going to make it as an independent stand alone in that location.

    Cosmo has been a place that I avoid for years because they are the single most active participant in the databases, meaning a backoff, barring at Cosmo can and will have far reaching consequences both locally and elsewhere for me. MGM as a chain is kind of odd in that there are some properties that are sweaty and aggressive in this regard while neighboring properties or properties right across the street, are fairly tolerant. So it will be interesting to see how or if anything changes if it does.

    That is the only aspect I really care about.
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    I take this news terribly.

    I wanted to make Cosmopolitan my "go-to" place for Vegas trips since I liked the Identity Rewards program as a recreational gambler who goes to Vegas a few times a year. They had 100-play 2 cent 9/5 Jacks or Better which I played on, probably MGM management will get rid of it.

    Speaking for myself only, I wanted to boycott MGM properties due to how they handled the 2017 Harvest Festival (country music concert) tragedy by blaming the victims and how they are mandating the employees to take the COVID vaccines in order to work there recently. I suppose I need to find another go-to place, maybe not as urgent because CES 2022 is requiring proof of vaccination as a requirement to attend and the NBA going woke, I have less reasons to go to Vegas now.

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    So will MGM take the “Warning” signs off potential AP slots at Cosmo or take the idea and run with it at all their properties?

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