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Thread: Full on dystopia and fascism has come to Australia

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    Iím sure some have seen the videos but itís like something out of a bad dystopian novel. Literally opening fire on protestors with rubber bullets. Forcing apps onto peoples phones and report on their location and if you block or whatnot they will send the police to verify your location and where theyíre supposed to be. But the icing on this shit cake. An animal rescue group was to pick up some homeless animals to be transferred to another shelter and instead the local council ordered them taken out and all shot dead. Not even put down humanely via euthanasia nope. Chinese execution. The police officer put in to the situation i understand immediately did his job and then told the police chief and the town council to go fuck themselves afterwards.

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    Explain to me how paying your Vet 100 dollars or more to use Euthanasia is more humane compared to an owner using a 25 cent bullet to the brain of his 17 year old dog?
    Taking your dog to a city/county kill shelter and paying 25 dollars to have someone else kill your dog??
    Nobody but me is going to put my dog down.

    I can agree with you that Australia is turning into Nazi Germany.
    Better get used to it because it has already started in California, New York City and State, The United States and the rest of the world.
    Quote from MaxPen... RIP.
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    "Fuck the jab" yell the protesters.

    "Fuck you" respond the cops.


    Sometimes it takes a firm hand.
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    What, Me Worry?

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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    "Fuck the jab" yell the protesters.

    "Fuck you" respond the cops.


    Sometimes it takes a firm hand.
    So you want to shoot those who don’t comply with your beliefs? Brave words coming from an old junkie who has outlived his usefulness. But I’m good as long as you start shooting the garbage you allowed to take over Portland.

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