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Thread: Marriott says "fuck no" regarding operating the disasterous Fountainebleu after all

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    Fontainebleu has sat unfinished for about 12 years now. The real estate bust of 2008 took the $2 billion project down. It's sat unfinished ever since.

    In 2017, it was slated to be finished and called "The Drew". That didn't happen, either. It was sold to Koch Real Estate Investments in February 2021, for $350 million.

    It was then slated to open in 2023 as a JW Marriott. For unknown reasons, Marriott decided to "exit the project" and paid a settlement to Koch. I think they smelled fail from a mile away.

    Would you feel comfortable staying in a high rise building which rotted, unfinished in the rain for 12 years?
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    Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Would you feel comfortable staying in a high rise building which rotted unfinished in the rain for 12 years?
    The use of "rain" is kind of funny, Dan Druff. I think I would have just used "elements".

    But NO, in answer to your question. No way in hell would I stay there. That project has indeed been sitting there rotting. While I haven't been in that area recently, for quite a while there were literally, pieces periodically falling off and crashing to the ground. At that time they fenced off a fairly wide area around it because of that.

    While the Northern Strip may indeed be in the midst of the long awaited revitalization, I don't see how that building is going to be any part of it. I think it has to come down and start over.

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    Vegas is becoming a shell of its former self. Once the economy tanks and the dollar starts to implode it will be clear. Vegas won't even be able to salvage itself with gambling, the thing that built the city, due to the corporate destruction of any sense of value. Vegas is the walking dead if you look around.

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