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Thread: Don't Assume Academics....

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    Don't assume all or most academics are part of this thought police movement, because they are not. I can say that 90% of the academics I know consider this a tipping point and a bad one.

    The thought police effects in academia are driven in part by at least three things, none of which have anything to do with most teaching or research academics:

    1) Radical feminist groups, who have many valid points and reasons, but are trying to divorce science from their political goals and essentially denude science, which means they are teaching politics.

    2) The conservative capitalist aspects of higher ed in the U.S., which means appeal to whoever is going to pay tuition. Safeguard the brands. Make the most money. Higher ed, just like McDonald's, is all about the Hamiltons. That means play Disney and never offend anyone.

    3) The fact that ties in with the two points above -- namely, that higher ed is now 60/40 female as opposed to 50 years ago when it was more than 60/40 male. So the higher ed consumers are women, and that drives both the politics and the attempts to appeal to most likely consumers of higher ed.

    So when right wingers start berating political correctness, understand it's not an academic problem per se -- it ain't the majority of the working professors. It's the small radical feminist groups and the suits making capitalist decisions as to who they will or will not offend. The perception that the people working in higher ed are all political correctness freaks is dead wrong.

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    Wow, what a cynical viewpoint you have. I figured that these assholes legitimately believe many of the things they express such as the notion that, "Math is racist," and that they are not at all playing their political angles due to financial motivations. I am, quite frankly, shocked that you would think that these closely-held personal views of a society that can be rebuilt to be completely inclusive and just actually are just espoused for reasons of personal gain.

    Given the tremendous amount of faith that I have in the genuineness of the human spirit, this is just saddening to me that you would not share the same faith and believe that the vast majority of what people do in their public life is for monetary gain.

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    The problem with political correctness is it is diametrically opposed to the truth.

    Big business is going to learn the hard way to stay out of politics. They've been kowtowing to the woke because they don't want to lose business. They've had an easy go of it so far. But the shit is starting to hit the fan.

    JPMorgan announced to congress they would no longer make loans to gun manufacturers and similar organizations. So Texas just passed a law that shuts JPMorgan out of the municipal bonds business in Texas. It will cost the company multi-billions of dollars.

    This was a shot across the deck of the other big banks. They jumped in and said "Look at us! Look at us! We don't discriminate against gun manufacturers!" And they are soaking up all that business that JPMorgan lost.

    Even more ominous for the company is other red states are going to see the effects of what Texas has done....and do the same thing.

    This is what has to be done to these asshole companies that want to play woke politics. Fuck 'em.

    The right is now starting to play the same game of CANCEL that the left plays so well. Let's get it on.
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    Originally Posted by redietz View Post
    1) Radical feminist groups, who have many valid points and reasons
    Wrong. There is nothing valid about radical, or for that matter, mainstream, feminism.
    Human beings function best under patriarchy, as we are a patriarchal species. We aren't bees, we are primates.

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    LOL. Pepe, so how many times did you see Wonder Woman?

    Just kidding. Back in my youth, I had many fine arguments regarding sociobiology, which I usually defended, although I thought E.O. Wilson did stretch the human comparisons a bit outrageously.

    On a serious note, bonobos would be considered more matriarchical than patriarchical, if I remember my primate lingo. So it's not a clean patriarchy sweep for primates. I can check on that if you like. Some of my compadres are retired anthropologists.

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