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Thread: Avengers Assemble!

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    I knew when Robert Downey Jr. Was cast as Iron man, these folks knew what they were doing. Now we have a superhero film that is one of the best reviewed movies of all time -- and that is shattering box office records.

    Tonight I will be in line for the 12:01 AM show with coffee, donuts, and my Captain America pez dispenser. I have not gone to a 12:01 AM movie with the exception of Rocky Horror -- and I will leave the Jack Daniels at home for this one. One of my friends, who is not a superhero geek, was so taken with Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow that I ordered him a lifesize cardboard figure -- we'll share her.

    I waited 45 years for this. Avengers Assemble, baby!!

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    I agree, I'm gonna go see it asap too, but not sure where that will be. I haven't paid for any movies I've seen in LV, Reno, or Laughlin because I figure what it plus food and beverages will cost beforehand, make that my win goal, then take that amount (or slightly more) from any nearby 25c & higher BP machine.

    Now, I COULD play one of those "positive EV" machines and claim a sure amount of phantom bucks, win or lose, via an "hourly wage" at the end of my session, but I don't quite think even the goofy kid at the ticket counter would let an "AP" get by him with that one!

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    Please!! We really need to know YOUR review redietz because Main Stream media sometimes falls for the Hollywood spiel.

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    The film was very, very good. The 2 hour 20 minute running time was not an issue.

    The only negative I have for this film was that, like almost all large-scale superhero or sci-fi films recently, it relies on a heavily militaristic large-scale battle scene finale. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, despite all of its awards, similarly relied on large-scale battle scenes too much, in my opinion. These mega-climaxes originated with the Bond films of the 60's, and have been overly featured in action films since.

    The most subtly and cleverly written character, in my opinion, is Black Widow. Johansson makes her believable, which is a tough assignment. Evans, Downey, Ruffalo, Hemsworth, Johansson, and Renner all nailed it. The writing is witty -- and serious issues get raised. One main character dies, as often happens in Whedon writing.

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    That type of ending is what would hold me back from going to see the new Battleship movie, but not this one. Not with those actors.

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