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Thread: Covid test on the Strip

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    Hi all, hope you are all well.

    I'll be visiting Vegas and then flying directly from there out of country to where I need to have a Covid test for entry.

    Where on the Strip can I get a test? I realize some casinos are offering them at highway robbery prices but I was thinking CVS or Walgreens on the Strip must have them. But going to their sites they are giving me locations off the Strip.

    I don't care if I have to pay out of pocket but $200 or more from Aria, come on.


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    Google shows several, typically in drug stores on or near the strip.

    see map:
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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    Google shows several, typically in drug stores on or near the strip.

    see map:
    Thanks, I found that list as well, but none of them will let me make an appointment because I don’t qualify for a free test. I don’t mind paying out of pocket but that is t an option on their booking site. Maybe I should lie and say I have symptoms lol. Though that is not in my nature.

    What’s that REVIV IV place, a place to get an IV if you’re partied too hard? LOL

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