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Thread: Hunter Biden Laptop was Real

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    Glad to see more liberals are seeing the light.

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    Originally Posted by Desertrunner View Post
    Left one off...
    Let Dad know.
    Keep your friends close, keep your drinks closer...

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    Originally Posted by MaxPen View Post
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    The real story is about how corrupt the media was in covering up the story during the election, calling it Russian Disinformation. Big Tech banned the story as misinformation. They all knew it was a true story but covered for Biden. So far the media liars are still silent on the NYT admitting the Hunter Biden Laptop story was true. I guess they hope if they stay silent long enough it will go away.
    Well to be fair, Russian disinformation is a real thing. I read a book about how Russia does this stuff. Not really in the US, but it covered eastern European countries. Russia has never had the same resources as the West, so they double down on bullshit manipulation.

    The laptop came up during the elections. Very interesting.

    An old broken laptop and the guy decides to turn it in to the FBI ?

    Sure "hes a crackhead, what do you expect". Well, TBH, a crackhead would also have never turned his laptop in to be repaired. Or even have a laptop.. or... The main issue with crackheads is they're always broke. That isn't the case here so it is somewhat of a weak excuse.

    The thing really really smelled of Russian disinformation. I don't think it was a cover-up. I also believe the media has the obligation to not report everything as fact when it is extremely suspect.

    Yes they were biased. Yes they would have handled this differently if it had been Trump's kid's laptop. (For better or worse, depending on the media outlet)

    We still don't even know what exactly was on the laptop? Some emails ? They sure didn't know back then. Not even sure what they were not reporting on? AFAIK the contents of the laptop were not available but apparently are now?
    You must have been one of the last kids to realize Santa doesn't actually exist.

    Yes, and there was no election fraud. Everything that happened after midnight was completely legit.

    And Hillary and the DNC didnít have anything to do with the Steele dossier.

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