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Thread: Abortion Poll

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    What are your feelings now that Roe vs Wade has been overturned?

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    Abortion and a hysterectomy should be mandatory for all Democratic women.

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    I'm against most late term abortions. However, in your case, MP, I support retroactive abortion.
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    I think that anyone with the iq under 101 should be strongly encouraged to abort their offspring and/or undergo the sterilizations, hey hey!!!!

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    Nobody wants to be born to work anymore.

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    I firmly support modern science and believe in better living through chemistry. I firmly support the abortion pill. I do however have some problems with some abortions. Abortion laws need to follow the science. Roe v Wade happened back before ultra sound. Now that we know the various stages of development, we can no longer pretend that late abortion isn't murder. The science deniers can pretend that a fetus is just a clump of cells, but modern medicine proves otherwise. I strongly believe that we need to ban abortion beyond 12 to 14 weeks and that we should more closely follow some of the European models.

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    As a man I really have no say on the issue EXCEPT POLITICALLY.

    It's a "woman thing," men shouldn't have any say in the matter.

    All these conxervative legislators and jurists are simply sticking in a pie that they shouldn't touch.
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