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In the vein of empirical observations and not studies etc which seedvalue talks about - here is another.

My only point is if you are going to be part of destroying the world at least don't lie to yourself and others. Lets just admit it.


Just incase you don't realize ice/snow is far more reflective than water.
Arctic sea ice? What are you talking about? Back in 2005 both Al Gore and John Kerry told us the arctic sea ice would be gone by 2014. It was a catastrophic emergency they said. I took their word for it. So this guy talking about arctic sea ice is nuts. Because the arctic ice disappeared years ago. Al and John said so.
No clue about those 2. You seem to have paid a lot more attention to either of them than I did so I can't really comment on any prediction they made.

I present empirical observations and try to avoid any studies. Studies can be argued with.

Outside of that, I'd think that you being an extreme numbers guy, that numbers would trump politics.