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Thread: Young Axl Rose and Cake Cream in 2022! :D

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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    I suspect there would be issues to enforceability of such contracts.

    Violative of /against public policy, for example.

    Also, Axl claims he's their attorney but he isn't a lawyer, he's a reanimated fictional doppelganger; he drafts contracts where his interests are not the same as theirs yet he advises them in that regard as their attorney: that's a no-no / conflict of interest.

    But mostly they violate the Hideously Ugly Handbag Rule which seriously penalizes writers of shitty, clumsily written, unmemorable stories who happen to own hideous handbags and who refuse to use their brain as a filter before attacking the keyboard.
    Without attacking me, is private contracts between say 6 people and only those 6 people know about it legally binding and legally valid? I'm asking you this because you are a legitimate Lawyer and I'm legitimately curious.

    Take comfort in the fact that no one is actually backing up his wishes to have you permanantly banned.

    Smart is knowing a Tomato is a fruit.

    Wise is knowing a Tomato doesn't belong in a fruit salad.

    Sorry, can't help you, reached my Posting Limit!

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    Yes, properly drafted a private contract between six people can be enforceable.

    For example: a road maintenance agreement between home owners in the woods who all share and agree to split the upkeep / maintenance costs of their private road.

    Or a surrogacy contract.

    Tasha, almost ALL contracts are between six people or less and concern private matters.

    Oh, and what is wrong with me attacking you?

    Aren't you a card-carrying masochist?

    I thought you enjoyed it.
    What, Me Worry?

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    Tasha scratched her leg and pondered the unfairness of life.

    Just think: a girl with her abilities forced to live with her parents and turn over half her earnings from Walgreens as rent.

    Well, at least she has gambling and gambling forums to help pass the time; a boyfriend would be nice but they rarely interact with her, heaven knows why.

    As part of her program of self improvement Tasha is trying to learn to "think like a lawyer" by posing questions to an attorney; hello, McFly?

    Her attempts at creative writing being an abject failure, she is hoping to parlay her ability to "think like a lawyer" into passing the Florida bar examination without going to law school.

    "Who needs a degree? With my brain and my handbag the world is my oyster."

    We'll see...
    What, Me Worry?

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