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Well the good news is that it essentially "bounced back" today to what my offers were before this last trip.

So, while not great (basically no freeplay and only comp rooms on weekdays for the most part, with discounts for the weekends/holidays), at least it doesn't appear to be worse anymore.

Very odd how quickly this changed and changed back.

Could be a silly question but,

Occasionally Iíll log into Caesars & see all my comped rooms gone then I realize I thought I was logged in but actually was not so it was just showing the regular rates it shows to the general public.

Once I actually log in, the comped rooms are back.

Any chance this is what happened to you?

Happens to me a lot when logging in from a mobile device because they have a crappy website where you think you logged in but it didnít recognize your login the first time.
Not what happened.

Also, I didn't have "general public" rates. The former comp rooms were now showing as $10-$20 per night, and the non-comp rooms went way up.

It legit just snapped back.
You just reminded me (& I donít know if this is what happened to you) but once I forgot my players card & got a new one at the rewards desk.

As I was outside NV where I originally created my account, somehow they screwed up & assigned me a new rewards number even tho they did get my name and address correct.

Once I found my old card & had both of them i didnít notice the different account numbers & if I happened to log in with the rewards number with less play my offers would be much worse.

Finally figured it out & they were able to combine accounts although it took them a long time to fix the problem. I saved the correct rewards number into my log in on all my devices so it wouldnít happen again.

This was a few years back & they told me that although its all the same rewards programs, different regions have different types of account numbers based on where account is created & thats what got it all screwed up.