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Thread: Does anyone rent or lease a website domain or URL?

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    We rent cars, we rent houses, we rent vacation time shares, we rent bikes and skates. But does anyone rent a website domain name or URL?

    I have a website domain name URL that I am not using. It's and while I'd like to sell it to someone who could make good use of it, it seems that the market price for URLs is low. So I don't want to sell it for a cheap price.

    So I got the idea about renting it out. Is this done?

    Right now, points to this website but it could be redirected to another website.

    Who would want to rent Well, someone who has an outlet store, or discount store, or liquidation company but wants to "test a name." Renting for a year would be like taking a test drive.

    If the renter liked it, we could work out a price to buy it. If the renter didn't like it, or if the business didn't work out, he wouldn't be stuck with an upfront cost of buying it.

    So what do you think? Can you rent out the use of a website domain or URL, and point it to someone's website for a year? Does this make sense for someone starting a new business or trying to experiment with a new URL?

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    I sold today.

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