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Thread: Horrifying Jokes that have come true? :O

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    When I was around 17, Hagar The Horrible Comic had a joke that said something like,"Bad news. Social Security has ended. Good news. You all can work until your 90!" The People in the Comic looked understandably troubled. My high school Teacher asked if anyone found this joke funny. We all were like,"No!" The Teacher was like,"Good. I didn't find this joke funny either." I found the joke of having to work until your 90 horrifying. And.... In recent years, this joke has sadly come true. On the news, there was a report of an 80 year old man having to work at Door Dash! I am horrified! In another News Report, a 72 year old woman working at Domino's fell while delivering groceries! This is horrifying!

    I remember a joke going around when Covid was still heavily in effect saying something like,"Pretty soon, we won't be able to eat in a restaurant or go to a movie theater if we aren't vaccinated. " The joke did come true very soon with many Restaurants not allowing unvaccinated People to visit!

    When Contagion Movie , a Movie about a really bad global pandemic from China came out in 2011, many people joked that eventually we'd be getting a really bad global pandemic like the one in Contagion. 9 years later, Coronavirus/Covid-19 , a really bad global pandemic like the one in Contagion broke out in China like in Contagion Movie.
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    I kind of feel all these balloons won't be very funny soon.

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