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Thread: America has billions to send to Foreign Countries, while elderly Americans are struggling! :/

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    Originally Posted by accountinquestion View Post
    "Good point. East Palestine isn't important, just other nations are."

    I never said East Palestine wasn't important but important is clearly relative. I pointed out how one might quantify how important the 2 are but of course you didn't want to do that or have an actual discussion.

    Go back to being the Monet worshipping simp you are. You will always be a fuckin muppet.
    I never said you said it cunt. I stated it sarcastically. See above faggot.
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    Originally Posted by accountinquestion View Post
    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Biden makes surprise visit to Ukraine to collect his kickbacks.
    And to spitball new ideas of how to scam more money out of the American Taxpayer.

    You can tell that bulge under his coat is a fanny pack. I'm sure it is full of hundos and loose diamonds.
    Nah, no hundos or diamonds. It's just a full diaper.

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    Is this what real people are talking about and not just on the internet and is it over?

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    You cannot make an omelet without greasing the pan, and you cannot rule the world without greasing it.
    What, Me Worry?

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