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I've been backed off from all blackjack in the first casino I ever played in for over 20 years now. As for how many casinos I played in, it would be difficult to remember them all, but I know my list is longer than Tasha's. I will say I have played blackjack in 6 different states.
I never really cared if a casino was nice or a shithole, as long as there's a +EV opportunity and money to be made. Im sure the wost has been some small dive in Northtown that I can't even remember the name of. Very few people spoke English and the middle of the place was used as a Mexican dance floor.

As far as actual legitimate casinos go, I would have to say The Western was the worst. Gold Spike was a real dive.

In the 90's when the EC had .49-99 cent breakfast (It was actually good). It was absolutely full of crazy homeless people. That place was/is a dive.
I ate there often on my days off from work. I remember a few times scrounging up just enough change to eat and leave a $1 tip.