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Thread: Hey Seed Value

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    Originally Posted by Seedvalue View Post
    Please someone notify me when or if AIQ , Kewj, Elliot, Or MrV pass. It will be a win for humans as these freaks are most certainly trying to influence their young relative’s with Anti American views and cult like beliefs. KewJ probably wants to groom young people into his life style. Just like neighbor guy did to him
    My wife and I took all the recommended vaccine shots and neither of us caught covid.

    But that isn't the only benefit; had we caught it, the disease almost certainly would not have killed or crippled us.

    I call that a win - win.

    I believe in science.

    Hey, it's YOUR life, go roll dem bones if you want to gamble with it.
    What, Me Worry?

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    Bout sums it up...
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    Is Nobody running this year?

    Heck, I'd vote for him, he'd kick ass in the White House.

    What, Me Worry?

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