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Thread: Tucker Carlson Fired by Fox

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    I love it. Enough of his bullshit!

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    Originally Posted by Midwest Player View Post
    I love it. Enough of his bullshit!
    He probably made more money yesterday than you have your whole life. He doesn't give 2 fucks what you think of him!

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    Originally Posted by Midwest Player View Post
    I love it. Enough of his bullshit!
    You're pretty stupid.
    Tucker has been the only guy on any Cable News Network going against both the Republicans and Democrats on a wide range of issues.
    He also is against funding the Ukraine War, Big Pharma and Corporate Corruption which controls American Politics.
    He literally did a show denouncing the CIA and accusing them of killing JFK.
    Nobody has ever done that kind of shit on prime-time network news.
    I'm not a Tucker Carlson Fan but the more you look into the guy the more you realize he is against Big Government in all directions.
    Red or Blue, he bashes them both.

    This video has your hero AOC in it sounding like the biggest Air Head and she literally says that Deplatforming Works.
    That means she condones Censorship.
    The Fucking Bitch literally has turned her back on anything she ran on or promised and is now in favor of Funding War and Killing Millions of People Worldwide.
    Welcome Back to Nazi Germany.

    You Idiots think that voting matters and it doesn't.
    What matters is controlling the votes and the corporations have that in all directions.
    They don't care about you or me.
    Wise Up.

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    Tucker is going to have a bigger audience than he ever had at Fox News.
    Challenge to redietz. We bet every NFL regular season game. You make the picks. If you lay the fav I get 2 extra points. If you take the dog I get a 2 point discount. Easy pickings for you.

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    Can't wait for the Trump, 2028, calls.

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    This is the bullshit that you lawyers do.
    Literally changing the laws for one year only lol lol lol

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