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Thread: Please, could someone explain DENOM to me - NOOB ALERT!!

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    Dear Anyone.

    I love watching Vegas fruit machine players - but I don't really understand 'denom'. If this example doesn't make sense it's cos I've no idea what I'm talking about, but here goes....

    You select - say - $1 on the machine, so that's $1 denom, am I right? Then they press the button and it's - say - $25 a spin. Why's it not $1 a spin as they've just chosen $1? That's the first question. Here's the doozy.

    They then choose a different amount from the list - say $5 for argument's sake, if the question doesn't work with that amount, forgive me and try to understand the gist of it - and it's STILL $25 a spin. So what's changing the amount achieved if it's still the same price per spin? Been trying to work those two things out from the first time I saw a Vegas bandit being played.

    I know we've got FOBTs. But if you choose an amount on them - say 50p - that's how much a go it is. Every time you press the button, that's 50p (or £2 or whatever you've chosen.) So when I first watched a Vegas bandit I assumed it'd be the same thing - choose an amount, that's how much a press it is. But they don't seem to work that way - the amount per press always differs totally from the amount they choose. Never worked it out, could you experts stop sniggering long enough to gently help me understand?

    Yours hopefully - I'll prob. leave the forum in peace after I've understood this one, this question's the reason I joined -

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    Hokay, here's the edit (I think it works like this, am I wrong?)

    When they get bonuses, they get - say - spheres with amounts in. Are those amounts multiplied by the bet (I know sometimes they're in dollars but I mean the ones that don't have buck signs in front of them!) So if they've chosen $1 - to keep it simple for me - and the sphere's got a 100 in it, that's $100 they've just won? I ask because I'm SOMETIMES right and SOMETIMES wrong when I try to keep up with the spheres dropping down - but I do the same math both times, I'm good at math. so I don't understand WHY I'm wrong when I am! Like - if they're on - say - $1 - not sure if that's 'denom' or 'credit' or what the difference between a denom and a credit is - and they get a 100 sphere it's not always $100 they say they've won - why?

    I'm not going to go to Vegas but the above would SURE help me enjoy watching the YouTube streams more!

    Yours hopefully again


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    Originally Posted by ulrichburke View Post
    Then they press the button and it's - say - $25 a spin. Why's it not $1 a spin as they've just chosen $1?
    I'll give this a try. Before video slots when there was usually only one payline, you could bet multiple coins/credits to improve the payouts.


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    This would be a $3 max bet on a $1 machine.

    Then eventually they added multiple paylines and required a coin for each payline. So a 5-line, 3-coin machine would have a $15 max bet at $1 denom.

    I think it was the popularity of penny video slots that caused everything to get really weird. Players loved the 1-cent denom, but casinos wanted bigger bets. So they kept adding paylines. A 100-line, 5-coin machine would have a 500-cent max bet.

    But that still wasn't enough, so some games eliminated the linkage. Maybe now you'd have to bet 100 coins for 40 paylines, just because they said so. On YouTube, I suggest looking for channels that show you the help screens, and then you may be able to figure it out more easily. The "RandomSlots" channel is good for that.

    They then choose a different amount from the list - say $5 for argument's sake, ... - and it's STILL $25 a spin.
    Not sure, but I think this usually links back to the paylines. The $1 denom would have 25 paylines, but the $5 denom would have only 5. Sometimes this relates to the casino's risk-tolerance. They're afraid of having to pay a huge jackpot, so on the high denoms they limit the maximum you can play.

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    Denom is short for Denomination. And if you're playing $25 a spin on a $1, you're playing a bet of $25 or 25 lines. If you are playing an actual $1 on a $1 machine, you are playing for one line only. Penny machines or 1 cent Denom is when you're playing all lines at $1 when you play $1.

    Take comfort in the fact that no one is actually backing up his wishes to have you permanantly banned.

    Smart is knowing a Tomato is a fruit.

    Wise is knowing a Tomato doesn't belong in a fruit salad.

    I am glad to get my full posting rights back! Thank you Dan!

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