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Thread: Paris to do fake expansion by annexing Jubilee Tower at Bally's/Horseshoe

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    Say you're Caesars, and your second-best property isn't as big as you wish it was.

    Say that this second-best property is physically connected to a lower-middle-end property, which fetches fairly low room rates from the public.

    What's the play?

    Well, Caesars has realized that they can simply take a tower from the lower property, spend some money on renovation, and pretend it's part of the higher-end property! Genius!

    That's exactly what is happening at Horseshoe (former Bally's), as their south tower known as "Jubilee Tower" is going to be annexed by neighboring Paris, after going through a $100,000,000 renovation.

    The Jubilee Tower will be renamed "Versailles Tower", and will officially be part of Paris. Note that this is the tower you see when you drive on the strip, and which faces Las Vegas Blvd (though it's set fairly far back). It has partial views of the Paris Eiffel Tower and the Bellagio Fountains.

    The other tower at Horseshoe is the one which runs along Flamingo Rd, and will become the only tower of that hotel.

    It is assumed that the price to stay at the "new" tower will be substantially higher than when it was part of Horseshoe, and also the other tower at Horseshoe should go up in price, due to lesser inventory.

    At the moment, Horseshoe is typically the best value Caesars property, due to its midgrade quality, low prices, and great location, especially for WSOP.
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    As long as casinos have beatable games, IDGAF what the place is called or who owns what.

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