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Any idiot can claim wealth and try to back it up with photos of money, chips, fake Rolexes and the like
If you remember MrV, this was Rob's exact initial response to Mdawg when he began posting several years ago....almost word for word. Following that initial response, Rob called Mdawg out when Mdawg claims to be a big tipper in Asia, as Mdawg apparently didn't know the tipping customs in Asia.

It is just now convenient for Rob to support Mdawg as the have a common adversary. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend).

You will note that no real AP or winning player, myself included, but also including the likes of mickeycrimm, Axelwolf, JBJB, MaxPen, and many more on this forum or other forums have ever posted a picture of cash, or watches/jewelry, casino chips, or pictures of our homes, paid for with winnings, or cars, (or RVs). There have been exactly two people that I have seen on forums do that kind of non-sense. Rob Singer, and Mdawg. There are some scammers on youtube that do that and in truth, Singer and Mdawg are closer to those kind of scammers than anything else.

This is not what makes anyone credible or not. What makes someone credible is that their claims are 1) supported by math (or don't defy math) and 2) don't defy the way casinos or the industry works, you know...like claiming they brought in a machine especially for you and didn't release information on a big winner, , and 3) a general knowledge of the subject matter, advantage play that they are talking about and not things like betting into a hot streak (mdawg), or speacial plays and hot and cold cycles and machine telepathing information (Rob Singer).

And I would suggest that the 4th thing would be the ability to rationally and reasonably discuss any questions or challenges just to be sure the is no misunderstanding, something I have done many, many times. If instead, your immediate knee-jerk reaction is to attack anyone that questions or challenges you, you have all but verified what the truth really is.