Very odd story.

Marriott has a nonrestricted gaming license. The license is grandfathered, and is especially valuable because it does not require to be on a resort property.

However, the license will expire if no gaming is offered in 24 months, and it had almost been 24 months since they last operated any gaming in Nevada.

"The Beach" nightclub on Convention Center Drive had been closed for 17 years. Century Gaming Technologies asked Nevada Gaming for permission to run an 8-hour "pop up casino" on the site of The Beach, on behalf of Marriott, in order to preserve the license. The request was granted! This is the 10th time this occurred since 2006.

On May 18, 2023, the Nevada Gaming Commission approved the application of Century Gaming Technologies, a licensed operator of a slot machine route, db at The Beach, located at 365 E Convention Center Dr, for an eight-hour gaming operation to operate 16 slot machines in order to preserve its grandfathered status. The location is grandfathered to conduct nonrestricted gaming operations without being a resort hotel as required by NRS 463.1605. As such, the grandfather status will expire if no gaming is offered for more than 24 months from the last day gaming was conducted.
Gaming also told Marriott to quit doing this and to come up with a plan soon for developing the land. They did not say this is the last time the pop-up casino will be allowed, but they did warn that this has to stop sometime in the not too distant future.!/x/status/1661103710905470977