On the Alan's Notebook page http://alanbestbuys.com/id107.html I wrote about how the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has again sent out its annual report on water quality by mail. It costs the City agency 38-cents each to prepare, print and snail mail the report. Not included is the cost of trash disposable, the cost of the reports ending up in landfills, and the cost of hauling it as trash.

Why not put it online and notify customers that the report is available online? And if someone wants a report mailed to them, let them call or notify the LADWP that they need one.

The LADWP has nearly 4-million customers and while they all don't get a report in the mail, I am sure there are thousands of these reports mailed out.

Where else can we save on government printing and mailing costs? I don't think the IRS prints up instruction books like it used to.