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Thread: Cosmopolitan finally integrating with MGM Rewards

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    There has been a ton of resistance to this from customers, and it kept being delayed.

    Today it was announced that they are doing it on February 1, 2024.

    At that point, you will be forced into MGM Rewards. I assume you will get the better of the two tier levels. Not sure how they exactly convert, though. I also assume 1 Identity point will become 1 MGM point.
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    Well it appears they're trying to wiggle out of a firm date now. Just got an email stating this: "we want to let you know that MGM Rewards at The Cosmopolitan will now launch at a later date in 2024".

    If you ask me MGM Rewards should be absorbed into the Cosmopolitan system. Cosmo was kicking their ass so bad MGM was willing to pay 5.6B to get rid of the competition. Obviously the people who ran Cosmo knew what they're doing.

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    They've added some more details to that link. Now states this: "All of your Identity Tier Points earned July 30, 2023 – July 29, 2024, at The Cosmopolitan will be DOUBLED and will be converted into MGM Rewards Tier Credits as of July 29, 2024."

    Doubled sounds good right? Not so fast. You reach the second tier at Cosmo (Sterling) at 4000 tier points. However Pearl, the second tier at MGM, requires 20,000 tier credits. I guess they figure gamblers can't do basic math

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